Acolyte 1.5 by Johan V�gstedt
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Acolyte 1.5 is now up on Wegame aswell!

Did y'all enjoy the movie? Why not notify Blizzard and they can spotlight it? Email them at [email protected].

~During the third war the massive army of Marduk Blackpool made their way to the gates of Darrowshire. Valiantly Joseph Redpath and his militia stood their ground against the endless hordes of undead. What followed became one of the greates battles known to mankind.~

Acolyte 1.5 is based on a quest line in Eastern Plaguelands and on the World of warcraft lore. Though it is not 100% correct, lorevise, the battle goes down just as it did in "reality" according to I've had to add a few creative touches to the story, which I hope you'll look past and just enjoy the ride ;D.

This movie also features a bunkload of machinima celebs, some of the biggest stars in the machinima world have made their contribution to this 5 month old project. In addition to this it's got a beautiful score by Nathan Allen Pinard and great sound design by Glenn Xaydin Govan.

Meet us at
irc #machinima
[email protected]

Anyway, I hope you like it and don't forget to rate :D

P.S Thanks Dopefish for the awsome logos :D.
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