Legit Solo Onyxia by par
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Khadgar ( Stormstrike )
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Hi everyone, I�m Par from Khadgar-US. This is my first WoW movie.

I saw that someone �solo�d� Onyxia. Seems cool, but 1+1=2, not 1.

So I figure hey, why not test my luck and see if a Paladin can do what a Druid can. Sure enough I kill her my very first try, while I wasn�t frapsing. The raid ID expired 7 hours later so I did it again, flawlessly, and frapsed it this time.

My spec for this was 36/25/0. 4/5 Imp SoR and 5/5 Reckoning were pretty nifty for this encounter.

I cut up p1 and p3 a bit because it is just repetitive autoswinging that gets boring quick. All of p2 is included though, and you can clearly see I never get a Warder on me (actually working as intended). The real challenge of soloing this encounter is p2, and I would be cheating everyone by not showing all of it, even if it becomes repetitive.

I would have had this video up on sooner if I could have but I didn't know how long rendering, uploading, and getting approved to have it released on here takes lol. Forgive me for poor editing, I don't do this often.

Track list:
Dream Theater - The Glass Prison
Stratovarius - Phoenix
Rick Ross - Hustlin�

So here it is, the world first Onyxia solo kill with ONE person in the zone, the way it ought to be.

Solo Onyxia without a safety-net Hunter..
Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Maybe just for you, Serennia.

Addressing some comments-
I understand a lot of it is boring but I was determined to show all of phase 2 so I wouldn't be questioned how I did it "without a warder add." You can see it several times not agroing (4:33 in the movie, other places as well).

The difference between my kill and Serennia's may seem insignificant but the fact is mine was done with one player in the zone and his wasn't. Paladins can't really do much about that anyway other than cross their fingers and not get a warder in p2. If you dl it and can read my text you see me saying "no warder plis" entering p2, even though both times I have tried and successfully killed Onyxia solo I haven't agro'd a warder. I'm just lucky I guess. But given that luck, mine is indisputable while Serennia has some controversy surrounding his kill.

The only reason I even mentioned Serennia was because he downplayed Ted's solo attempts as feral spec. I'm just putting him in his place.

The reason you see a player in group 2 is because when I tried to remove him the raid group would dissolve and I would have been kicked from the instance. Also, if he left the same would happen. So I waited until he was logging off until raid so people wouldn't make a big deal out of it. In the high quality version you can see his name is Bushin if you pause it, and at no point of phase 2 (which is included in it's entirety) do you see "Bushin has come online."

"Who were the people passing on loot in the end of the movie?" My friend was offline in the raid group and I still had loot set to group loot, so it was only me passing on them so I could get it off my screen while I showed my gear/spec.

Blank screens hide nothing here.
Check 4:33 in the video, you see the respawned warder. It is early in p2.

Clarification: My FIRST kill took me 3+ hours (wasn't really sure how long, don't have the fraps to back up that claim). According to timestamps this kill took me approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes.

And as for the editing.. I guess I'll do a better job on my next solo video lol. Didn't put that much work into this one because I just wanted to get it up here asap.

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