Rank 14 Rogue vs Rank 12 Spinal Reaper Warrior by Ming
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Lightning's Blade ( Vindication )
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I have always wanted to do a comprehensive video of Combat Rogue vs Warrior with top of the line gear, and thanks to Aedak, a very well respected tauren warrior on my server as well as the warrior community, the wish came true. He doesn't have the ultimate anti-rogue racial of a Orc Warrior so I tried to keep stunlocking which isn't the strength of a combat build in the first place to a minimum.

Aedak was the highest ranked and best geared player on my server and received the WOW talbard from Blizzard. With a spinal reaper and rank 12 gear he was far ahead of everyone else at the time. A well-deserved summer vacation put him on par with rest of the server and I do have slight gear advantage over him. Having said that, both of us have close to best of both worlds from PVP and PVE and very few blue slots, and while the rank 14 warriors on my server have superior weapons, no one will ever match Aedak's attitude and charisma.

For the last time, evasion is one of our best abilities against warriors. The trick is to use it before he lands a single hit on you. Many Rogues eat a crit axe swing followed by a crit mortal strike then they turn on evasion and eat overpower, dead. It isn't evasion's fault. You want to use it as early as possible in the fight to avoid as much damage as possible. You want to use evasion when you are still at full health. In match 3, using blade flurry + slice and dice + expose armor + evasion, I easily cut him down in a toe-to-toe fight. In match 4, using adrenaline rush, a combat rogue's ultimate ability, without evasion I was still brutalized. There should be no question whether you should use evasion or not. Having said that, war stomp is actually one of the best counters to evasion, timed properly, a warstomp can get him 1 guaranteed mortal strike and 1 guaranteed regular swing, you will be stunned through evasion and eat the hits plus an extra overpower.

Other than a very sloppy first fight on my part, I really enjoyed the duels myself, there was quite a bit of variety for a rogue vs warrior matchup. I tried to show as much angle of this matchup as possible, so I allowed him to charge me three times and tried to recover from it. Last but not least, the music choice in this video not only continue the tradition of questionable taste in Ming's PVP videos, but it also send very fitting messages to Aedak, Timeless, and myself, enjoy the show :-D.
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