Tradix 6 by Tradix
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Destromath ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
This is our second Superbest-Superfriends-Squad Production!

Balance druid PvP (48-0-13), as always.

Please download the movie, the quality is really great (1280x1024 resolution, H264 or xvid compression).

Hi guys, this is my last movie. Don't try to contact me ingame, my account is already frozen.

Panda and worgen skins are used. Don't watch if you get eye cancer from seeing those.


- Open pvp on a server where such a thing doesn't exist
- 2v2 as a nightelve druid playing together with a human 4t6 2/2 illidan blade rogue (of course, he carries me) against 2200-2600 rated opponents
- 3v3 as 3 DPS with frost mage and Shs rogue against 2100-2300 rated opponents
- Meleekin action
- a duel against Vizjerai (ShS rogue)

- I did not remember the stats of every 3v3 team, so I only mentioned the stats in 2v2
- I forgot to show a fight vs RMP, but I guess there will be some in our 3v3 movie
- to clarify 5-15: I won 5 matches, the opponent won 15.


-deathstars - play god
-silverstein - if you could see into my soul
-Jimmy Eat World - Here It Goes
-Madina Lake- Here I Stand
-Nightwish - Crownless
-finger eleven - paralyzer
-egypt central - over and under
-mayday parade - when i get home youre so dead
-Infected Mushroom and Yahel - Electro Panic (Psy Craft Remix)
-Yahel - Mushka

additional notes

Thanks again to dvno1 for the video banner.

Problems with h264 playback? Get the VLC player. Also, only download the H.264 version if your computer doesn't suck. If you don't have a dual core and a bad CPU you should most probably download the xvid version.

There won't be a commentary version. Unlike Athene, I don't give tips for free :P

update: Tharbad will definitely make the 3v3 movie :).
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