Nihilium vs Frag Dominant on MLG PC Circuit 08 (UpperBracket) by urs
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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Hi, folks!

This are the arena matches of Nihilum fighting against Frag Dominant on the MLG PC Circuit 08 3v3 Arena Tournament in UpperBracket.
This is not a normal Arena-PvP-Movie, you will have extreme multiple-PoV, Audio Commentaries (lol), and see them irl :D

First it was only a test, how to record live streams and so on, but it come out to run quite good and was really entertaining, so i want to share it with you.

i recommend you NOT to listen to your own music, announcers are too "funny" to miss ;)

Have fun watching, and sorry for my great english
p.s. i didnt recorded the finals, and if the videos doesnt run so smooth .. ITS YOUR COMPUTER! :> .. not really, but the stream sometimes freezes for a sec or two, but i hope you can survive this.
FILEFRONT: All-In-One Video of all 5 Matches

Keep in mind every "Youtube Stream" is a link to each match, not all-in-one

Nihilum: Beasteh(Drood), Hydra(Priest), Cherez(Hunter) -

Frag Dominant: Azazaeld(Rogue), Spoh(Drood), Zyza(Rogue).
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