I Has No Mace - Slayhoof 6 by Slayhoof
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shadow Moon ( Vindication )
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Well, here it is; the Season 3 PvP video from Slayhoof, of Shadowmoon (US). PLEASE PLEASE DL AS OPPOSED TO STREAMING. There is some text commentary in the video that the stream will not cooperate well with, and the DL quality video is so much better.

First of all, I'd like to say that the editing in this movie is not flashy. That's never been the focus of my videos, and most likely never will be. My videos are "edited" by the music selection I pick. The music FITS the clips. If you turn the video sound off of these WCM videos as you watch them, especially with mine, you are missing out on half of the experience. I searched far and wide to bring you songs that fit the clips (hard drums on big crits etc).

Also, as a disclaimer, I'm not putting this video out to claim to be the best warrior in the world. I'm just a warrior, like any other, who suffers in most similarly geared 1v1's, and who's class has very strict limitations. I'm more than happy to show my deaths, and will never make myself out to be some kind of warrior god. Enough with the


I Has No Mace - Slayhoof 6 ,
Filmed during Season 3
Containing: Several 2200+ Sword warrior + Holy Paladin 2v2's, One bonus footage 5v5, NO 1v1's, NO duels, only World/BG PvP is vs. extreme odds, Legitimate tips & tricks section at the end (Most are warrior specific, and all Arena viable *Save the use of a grenade*).

Song List:
In order of play :
Royal Bliss-Devils and Angels
Tenacious D-Beelzeboss
Atreyu-Falling Down
Foo Fighters-All My Life
Finger Eleven-Good Times
Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round
Tantric-Down and Out
The Offspring-The Kids Aren't Alright
"Counter-Strike (Techno Remix)210"-Unknown
The Sweet-Ballroom Blitz
Ronald Jenkees-Loui
Credits: See me on the forums/Ingame for a song you don't know. I used a bunch in the mix :-p

The title of this video, is of course a spin-off of my 1st BC Video, I Has A Mace (My, how my play has improved since that movie), that I made when mace stun was found to be retardedly overpowered. After being swords in season 2, and much criticism from my peers I decided to go with swords again in season 3, which definitely puts a strain on 2v2s, as if attempting them with a paladin wasn't hard enough. I really dislike maces, as I feel most use them as a crutch, but obviously the most competitive 2v2's generally use them. For my pally's sake (who I regard as the best on my server), I've no clue what I will pick for S4. I might bite the bullet, and get one.

My teams have come and go during s3, but my highest ratings are as follows:
2v2: 2255, Swordwar Paladin (Rating as of Upload, 3rd highest rated Pally/War on Vindication ** #1 Swordwar+Pal :P **)
3v3: 2189, Swordwar Paladin, EnhSham
5v5: 2164, Double War, Tri Heals

Another thing you may notice that is different from Chop 'Til You Drop, is I've defaulted back to the Blizzard UI, simply because Bongos hates stances, and with every large patch I have to spend 5 hours fixing my bongos. No more for s3! My addons are as follows:

An out of date version of NECB

Simple, huh?

I use one macro in my play, and it simply equips my Shield + 1H, and spell reflects if possible. It does not shift my stances. I hate having macros play the game for me :-D.

Any questions can be directed here, on my server forums of Shadowmoon (US), or to me directly in game. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this, and I hope you enjoy it.

Slayhoof of Shadowmoon(US)

**The first "STREAM FILEFRONT" link is broken. Please use one of the others. Thank you**.
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