The Ring of Valor 2 - Orgrimmar Arena Event by Kung
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Movie Summary
Once more, the skies of Orgrimmar fill with the roar of the bloodthirsty Horde as the gates of the Ring of Valor reopen. The audience drinks in the bloodsport as wolves hunt down young Alliance and seasoned fighters clash in savage duels. Beautiful women dance for the masses as lives are lost and champions are made. Welcome to the Ring of Valor.

Full Description:

This is the video for the second Ring of Valor event on the Maelstrom US server. Horde battle the Alliance in 1 v 1 matches with arena-style rules in an event that saw the death of many innocent gnomes, rats, and maybe a few pirates and ninjas. The event is named after the location in Orgrimmar. It was held at 8pm server-time on April 19th 2008.

This time around there will be health bars and sound. For the health bars, the Horde bar will turn red when the player is targeted by the Alliance. I apologize for the rampant mind vision.

I want to say thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you to the audience members who filled the stands. Without you this would be a video of an empty arena.

Also, thank you Malvagio for lending your voice to your role as ring master! Now, go get a glass of water.

Software Used:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Particle Illusion
Debugmode FrameServer
(No After Effects this time)

Music in order of appearance:

Alien 3 - Visit To The Wreckage
The 300 - Fever Dream
Doomsday - Finish Her Off
The Bourne Identity - Treadstone Assassins
The Bourne Identity - Escape From Embassy
The Chemical Brothers - Marvo Ging
Doomsday - Train Escape
Doomsday - Hospital Battle
Doomsday - Same Shit Different Era
Doomsday - Bentley Escape
The 300 - Xerxes' Final Offer
Ghost in the Shell S.A.C - Velveteen
Alien 3 - Agnus Dei
The 300 - The Hot Gates
Porco Rosso - toki jidai wo mamote
Ghost in the Shell S.A.C - Run Rabbit Junk

When you share this video, please link to the version because it maintains links to all the mirrors (which may change).

Speaking of sharing, a lot of people told me they missed RoV1 at first, but when they saw it they enjoyed it. So, don't hold back on spreading the word about RoV2. If you have the time, please digg it.

If you missed the first Ring of Valor, here's a link to the video.

For more info on the event you can you can look at the writeup did the day after it happened. There are some screenshots and other things not available through the video:

Thanks for watching!


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Realm Forum Thread
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(edit) responses to frequent comments:

About some of the fights:
A few people backed out at the last minute so we had to find replacements fast. We ended up having more hunters and paladins than planned. Also, Warlock-Rogue wasn't planned, but the affliction warlock was brave enough to try so we went ahead. It was all "shot live" no fights were edited out, everything was 1-take only, so it's a little different from other PvP videos.

About the sounds:
The video was recorded silent and the audio was reconstructed sound by sound during editing. I went for dramatic effect over accuracy, so you might notice more sword "clang" sounds than usual, or very strange polymorph sounds etc...
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