Warrior Guide - Insane TPS, 3s 2415, 1500g/week by Yomo
Class: Warrior | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Dalvengyr ( Schattenbrand )
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Movie Summary
This Warrior and Gold Guide includes:
- Perfect multimob tanking
- Insane TPS (3rd highest TPS worldwide on Teron Gorefiend)
- Entertaining Battleground PvP
- Duells against Mages and Druids
- 5vs5 Arena against a 4DPS team
- Easy 1500g a week, with near to zero effort (Enchanting needed)

Commented in order for you to understand, learn and do by yourself.

Watching this video, Protection Warrior alts and even experienced main tanks can both learn how to tank better. That said the main focus of this movie is PvE. But nevertheless you can also improve your PvP play with this Guide.

If you want to skip some PvP or PvE scenes, you have to go to:

Multimob Tanking 1:30
Boss Tanking 5:54
Battleground 11:19
Duels and Arena 14:01
Gold Guide 22:18

Prodigy - Firestarter
Pendulum - Streamline
Matrix & Futurebound - Skyscraper
Soil - Breaking Me Down
State of Mind - Paint The Walls Black
Pendulum - Slam

I wanted to add more Rock and Metal music, but it does not fit together with the comments, thats why the music is mainly Drum n Bass.

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