Outcasts Vs. Illidan (first kill with vent, MT pov) by Grean
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Burning Legion ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
The movie is an Illidan first kill fight from a MT's perspective. It includes almost the entire ventrilo dialog from that event.

This is a goodbye movie for all the Outcasts out there. If you're bored with the fight at least watch the last couple minutes. For non-Outcats the last couple minutes are skipable ;]

During the course of the movie it's velocity has been adjusted over a hundred times to fit the music in the background as much as I thought it was possible. Since this is almost the entire uncut fight, beside a couple fast forwards that are noticeable I tried to keep it below +/- 2% to prevent the movie from being unwatchable. Hope you enjoy.

The movie features the following music:
01 - Hanz Zimmer - Hummel Gets The Rockets (The Rock OST)
02 - Rob Dougan - Chateau (Matrix Reloaded OST)
03 - Alan Silvestri - Transylvanian Horses (Van Helsing OST)
04 - Juno Reactor - Navras (Matrix Revolutions OST)
05 - Hans Zimmer - Budget Meeting (King Arthur OST)
06 - Linkin Park - Easier to run (Minutes to Midnight)
07 - Hans Zimmer - Another Brick in Hadrians Wall (King Arthur OST)

More about the movie and how it was made:
It's more like a movie what not to do during the encounter then how to kill Illidan actually :P We killed him on our 3rd evening there if I remember it right, and it was our 2nd or 3rd time when we passed phase two.. we were so damn lucky lol ;] I don't even know why I recorded it.. I knew I wanted the first kill on fraps and the sound of victory at the end but it was the first time I recorded the entire fight, I guess I had a hunch ;]

My PC couldn't take a load of a full resolution frapsing so it's done in half res. Doesn't look that well even even tho the movie itself is in 1024x768. Anyway you can clearly see when the game is slowing down below 10fps with some really annoying slide shows where it goes to 0, it really affects the experience of watching... ("Maybe you if you turn off those freaking healer fountains it would speed up!" - spare me that comment please ;]) The resolution is big becouse I needed it for the text in the movie. Like Nukits accurately pointed, I put my walls even into movies :]

There's a lot of stuff you shouldn't really notice when you watch the movie for the first time. Or you shouldn't pay attention to it cause it might ruin the experience of watching the fight itself. But i really wanted to have something to remember Outcasts and I guess I can say I'm satisfied by the results. Gonna keep those precious moments on a dvd :P Also Alec might enjoy this movie a bit more then he originally would ;]

Tho it might not seem like it I did put tons of time into this, and like you know it took me like 2 months to finish since I kinda felt slacky... Hope you like the music I choose for us and I hope to see your feedback, while I still hold the raw material the movie can be re rendered :P

Fight description:
Phase one. Everything seemed fine, well on our first attempt ever we made it through so I think we had it working nicely. Parasites were dealt with swiftly and I managed to put out a decent amount of threat.

Phase two (3:40). In the next kills we made two small switches moving the melees kinda around the middle cause I didn't like to see people moving like that. The switch was called out at a wrong moment, when the 3rd group was very low on health, as a result Vm died. Anyway I move like an idiot there, not only I seem to be kinda scared and whenever blue beams are somewhere near my group I start to move closer to the other groups, even towards the middle. Actually there's a moment when the fireball hits me and I hit two groups (star and triangle at 6:00). There's an excellent dodge by Mammoth when he stepped into the fire to avoid the beam and then moved out asap, none of the groups were endangered even tho he pointed it towards the raid. During a barrage on Phyxyon I instinctively intervened (5:23) on him which couldn't have any effect beside increasing the number of people on that spot and increasing the chance of getting hit by an extra fireball right after the barrage that could lead to Phyxyon's death if he was low on hp (unlikely since the raid healers are toping the barraged person but it's still possible).
At some point Mammoth's elemental turned in an unlucky kind of way (6:45) and Dark didn't move away fast enough. So we used two out of three combat resses at the end of phase 2. We didn't get to see p3 much so it seemed like a good idea since the fight is long and the resses are up anyway.

First Phase Three (6:50) I'm just gonna omit the description of how clumsy I was with the positioning and moves after the Flame Clashes. My tps got sucky since I didn't feel exactly secure with avoiding the shears (well lucky we had sucky dps :P) Other then that it seemed to be working fine.

First Phase Four (8:10) Obviously I choose to be in a very stupid position. We had the melees too far back during the entire fight and the demons could use my hamstring on them. So most of the time I tried to stay way back not to hurt people even right after a blast when there's time to move around. Next kills I was somewhere safe in midfield to get to him fast and to be able to hamstring. No one died that's a good thing ;] Aknok get's killed by getting too close to corny and regardless of what Giw is saying I decide to use the last cres on him. Who knows how it would turn out if we didn't pick him up back then...

Further switches. The catch - the previous attempt we had, in the contrary to what I thought when we got there, made it seem like he was reseting agro after he started to run. I guess it was just people overnuking the MD and my threat earlier. But we decided to go with that version and instead of misdirecting right after he switched we waited and used a bop every time on our dear lock Corny. First switch he went to Reneh that ice blocked and got BOPed :P
During the second demons (10:38) they are moving closer and I try to move to help out, without thinking, I hit Eria with a blast and I stop like I was scared again, instead running since the blast just hit :P. Giwera dies somehow from a demon with a cheerful scream on the private channel :P
At the second switch (11:27) he went for Kiflata but I guess me and Eria overagroed him in time. Healers fell a sleep a bit cause I got hit down to 600hp, a pala heal landed and then i dodged with 3200 hp left, in the same second my last stand was activated but it would be too late anyway if I got hit :P

Phase 5 and 6. We got kinda lucky becouse we were just dpsing him regardless of the animation at 30%. A week later it turned out it's a very bad idea to have him do it while he was in the demon phase :P. When I move him through the fire (13:20) and General says that melee shouldn't take any risks, Ciar dies :P At first I thought he died in the fire but he was just killed by the parasites while running away.
On the next demons we also lost Tharg who was standing a bit to close to Ilidan. (14:31) One of our best dps - Reneh, gets saved by the fact that intercept stuns and deals damage the moment it's used not at the moment when you get to the target lol, half a second later and I would be probably too late. Aknok also dies there in some strange circumstances, instantly so I guess it had to be Ilidan somehow.
Next switch Illidan was just standing in the fire thanks to my smart positioning, he goes for Corny but after a bop he switches to Yesyou, thanks to Eria's MD and a fade, Yesyou doesn't get himself killed. Last demons, there's a clump up of them in the middle and most of the melees move to intercept, right before the blast they manage to spread and miraculously no one dies. After the next switch he goes for Corny again and before he can get a bop he dodges a strike from Ilidan, my intervene most likely took one attack off as well. His death wouldn't be the end since he was soulstoned throughout the entire fight.

Anyway I almost completly forgot to drink up my Ironshields which could save my ass..

At 17:09 the situation gets really dramatic. Darkwalker didn't notice he had parasites, he didn't seem to hear most of the raid either when we shouted for him to move. He died dpsing till the very last moment. Parasites went into the raid, Vm and Reneh intercepted them immediately with frost novas. Anastrianna got one on him and got killed spawning some. Our mages did an amazing job taking control of the situation that seemed grave.

We dpsed him down to zero in his demon phase before next demons managed to spawn.. still not really sure if it was for real.. but it was... You got to live for moments like that.. Thank you Outcasts, you noob bastards ;].
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