Azuregos Soloed by 70 Lock by Scott (Holo/Gruumsh)
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Arthas ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
Blue Dragon Azuregos Soloed by 70 Orc Warlock
Roughly a 50 minute fight, condensed into 12 minutes, but I speed it up significantly and tried to make it a bit interesting.

Please no trolling, this is first movie, I think I did a decent job for what Windows Movie Editor provides. Constructive feedback is welcome however, because if this movie proves to be at least semi-popular, I will make some more solo videos with better editing. Hmm...Onyxia...hmm...
Ya, I've tried the Green Dragons, they hit way too hard. Won't stop me from trying tho =P

This is the world second Warlock solo kill of Azuregos, and world first of there being a movie showing the fight throughout (AKA Proof of Solo).

The movie is so long, and thus moderately boring because I wanted to show it was an authentic solo. So I did what I could.

Quality is lower so people could download it fast. Keep it in its original size and it is not that bad.

Yes, this has been done once before, but never has a movie accompanied it, proving it was an entire solo, nor has it been done as fast. I soloed him again last night, and did it in 49:21 =)

Also, the hunter solo's were before the mend pet nerf. This was with active and intended spell aspects.

Special Thanks to:

Yes, my UI is strange, but it has everything I need, and nothing I don't. Heck, you should see my Pre-BC priest UI.

I am a strong believer in UI Mods are ways to enhance and improve gameplay. Hell, just look at the above screenshot and the stats that were linked to me =).
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