Born again Ret (Storyline) by Lakez
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!!!!!****UPDATE****!!!!! I have released the deleted scenes for this movie, and all are welcome to view them at this very moment :P. Check my movies, or go to:

Have fun, and take it easy :)

Why hello again! Everyone, I have been working on this movie for literally months (I could have finished it a looooong time ago if it wasn't for my stupid Job) :P.

It's about a Holy Paladin that truly hates Retribution, he wants nothing to do with it... Until one day something terrible happens and he convinces himself to spec Ret. He soon realizes that Retribution is a very fun spec, but he doesn't want his friends to know he chose that path.

PLUS! This movie may look like it's secret message is "NERF DRUIDS & BUFF RET PALADINS"! Well, that isn't the case. I have nothing against Druids, and I love Playing Ret. I could not be more happy with my class :). IMO, it's about fun and I have had tons of fun during the months I have played a Ret Paladin (Even during Season 2 without the buffs and Resilience).

PVP: (Yes, some of my opponents suck) This movie is 45 minutes long and there is only 5 minutes of PVP. Like the movie, the PVP is 100% entertainment. I purposely grabbed fraps that worked with the Music, so it feels more like a Music Video then a PVP scene. Just about all of the PVP fraps have been filmed 11 or 12 months ago, they are not fraps of me wearing "lolret" gear, they are the real fraps of me back when I did respect Retribution. Like everyone, I started out with crappy gear!

Anyways, if you came for a PVP movie you will be disappointed. If you want to see true Ret PVP then go Watch kamil 3. I do have more PVP/Arena fraps out there, but they will not be in this movie. I do have about 20 minutes of Deleted scenes from Born again Ret but I will have Binklebob or someone post them up if this movie succeeds (I will be gone ZOMG).

This movie is a based on a true story (kinda), I was Holy once I hit 70 and I really did heal my friends throughout Season 1. Later I got bored and became a Crusader. I played throughout Season 2 and stopped on season 3 (I did come back in Febuary and got some pieces). Binklebob (Destruction) and I could only hit 1850 rating, until Binklebob spec'd SL/SL and the Ret buff came out, we broke the 2000 bracket and became duelist (This is all Season 2, we quit our team in S3).

Well, I know this counts as my second movie, but just remember! Some of these scenes were made before my first movie O.o. The PVP scene, Intro, and the Bladesedge Arena scene were all complete last November. So I guess I can call this my 1.7st movie? lol so please go easy (THERE I SAID IT)!!

I hope you enjoy our pathetic attempt to Voice Act also :P. Remember, this movie is just a random/Comedy/Storyline type movie, so the voice acting isn't to be taken seriously. I broke many mics somehow... Listen, I am no professional movie maker. Let's just keep it to that :O.

If you enjoyed this movie, then you just might like my first movie :P (Kel'Thuzad Christmas Special) go check it out on Warcraft movies ^.^


I understand that the Music listed in the movie can be very hard to read (My bad). Here is another list:

Hans Zimmer & Jams Newton Howard
Batman Begins

Nobody does it Better
Carly Simon
The spy who loved me

Double Trouble(Team Rocket)

Theme from the A-Team
Daniel Caine Orchestra
The A-Team

River Side
Joe Hisaishi

Mother 2
Tadashi Ikegami
Super Smash Brothers Melee

Zerg Briefing Room


Witch's Lair
Grant Kirkhope

Van Halen

Power Rangers Season 1 Theme
Power Rangers

The Immolation Scene
John Williams
Star Wars Episode 3

Travel Music
Danny Elfman

We Interrupt this Program

The Incantation
Danny Elfman

Antenna Cradle
Graeme Norgate
Goldeneye 64

Plateforms a Plenty!
Super Mario Sunshine

Character Select
Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate
Jet Force Gemini

Bang on the Drum all Day
Todd Rundgren

Under the Sea
Samuel E. Wright
Little Mermaid

Wild West
Graeme Norgate
Timesplitters 2

The Fly
Danny Elfman

Love is in the Air
Kazumi Todaka
Yoshi's Story: Love, Peace and Happiness Orginal Soundtrack (lol)

Graeme Norgate
Timesplitters 2


Hydrocity Zone Act 1
Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Unfounded Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise
HAL Laboratory, inc.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

You're Beautiful
James Blunt

Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
Batman Begins

Koji Kondo
Yoshi's Island

Psycho - Main Theme/Murder
The City of Prague Philharmonc
100 Greatest Film Themes

Hydrocity Zone Act 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Graeme Norgate
Goldeneye 64

TS2 Credits
Graeme Norgate
Timesplitters 2

Snakey Chantey
Dave Wise
Donkeykong Country 2

Soccent Attack
Steve Jablonsky
Transformers the Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
Batman Begins

Freedom Call.
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