Chipman: An Infamous Paladin by Chipman
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
"The life of a Paladin.."

OK so I didn't give much information about this movie at the time.

On making this movie I had just joined infamous a few weeks prior, -the- battleground alliance guild on Darkspear. The footage shown in this video was recorded over several weeks, and with little HD space it's hard to record in avi format. However I deleted clips here and there as I went along so I could keep recording.

I decided I wasn't going to release a video until I could find yunky the leader of the horde zerg PVP guild in world pvp, since getting dominated in battlegrounds "wasn't real pvp". I had heard rumors that he didn't travel alone so when I heard he was in felwood I brought along my good friend Nexius while waiting in an arathi basin que, as usual... as a little reinsurance. You can see the results here.

Between the time I made this video and 2 months later I made my second video, infamous lost maybe 5 battlegrounds in good games vs downfall and once to remnant in AB by 10 points. May not look like much now as some were clickers and keyboard turners, but infamous wasn't about having all the skills in the world from the get-go. Infamous focused on learning from each other and our surroundings and always rising to the challenge.

I had a blast making this video! I hope you can find something you like while watching it too.

What is Love - Hadaway
Breaking The Habit- Linkin Park
Chorus- Jimmy Eat World
Place for my Head- Linkin Park
Die MF Die- Dope

Thanks for watching.
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