Funk Soul-Trader by Seedy
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Uther ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary
Greetings! Seedy from Uther here with something I'm fairly certain you've NEVER seen on WarcraftMovies before. The rarest of the rare, the new [Soul-Trader Beacon] minion/vendor/distraction. I'm also certain it's the first video with a rogue unleashing carnage using it.

--About the Video--
The beginning features many confused Alterac Valley Alliance players as they try to click on what they see as a huge vendor. As I'm in stealth with a giant NPC pet, I'm able to make them go wherever I go, as if they were on a leash. That's followed by a 21-kill streak with plenty of closeups of the Trader animations and soul absorbing.

--Wait, so what IS the Soul-Trader?--
When the beacon is used, you gain control of an Ethereal Plunderer minion that follows you around, absorbing souls off everything you kill. The effect is a large purple lightning that shoots the enemy's corpse! For each soul sucked, he tosses you an Ethereal Credit to spend on unique potions, gear and thrown items that he sells. All that and he's a huge *distraction*!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy WCM's introduction to the Ethereal Soul-Trader and what can be done with him. All ratings and comments are welcomed!

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