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Movie Summary

The melodramatic love story of Fluffypuff the gnome and Titanhoof the tauren warrior in the middle of a Warsong Gulch battle.

Action! Romance! And... More action and romance!

This machinima is a 50/50 collaboration between me and Pinkhair.

Voice acting & sound stuff
Voice acting by Caruu, Drewbie, Selserene and Olibith
Sound design by Caruu
Additional voices from World of Warcraft

Guest stars!
Damn, we had an enormous amount of guest stars!
Some of them are familiar faces here in WCM.

Snacky, Angie and Roberto from Snacky's Journal had their spots in the Alliance team. (Jun, don't hate us - we did what we did for the sake of art!)

The french pornognom.. superstar Olibith always shoots when
he sees a screamo belf female.

We also had to praise the greatest paladin and
machinimaker, Shepiwot with our own little remix of him.

Last but not least, there's Newbie Drewbie:
a younger version of Drewbie from The Grind.

(in order of track appearance)

"Motor Crazycycle"
by Tefnek
Download from OverClocked remix

"Orc 1"
by Blizzard Entertainment

"PvP 3"
by Blizzard Entertainment

"Zulgurub Voodoo"
by Blizzard Entertainment

"Son of Chaos"
by Xaleph
Download from OverClocked remix

"Confronting The Mystic"
by Sephfire
Download from OverClocked remix

"Sleep, My Sephy"
by Pot Hocket
Download from OverClocked remix

by Tefnek
Download from OverClocked remix

"Mark of the Beatsmith"
by Hy Bound
Download from OverClocked remix

Bonus pictures!
Some of these were on the credits, some not - enjoy anyways :)

Dead Crusaders and A Wedding
..and she gave birth to a healthy, pinkhaired baby boy!
This is what mommy and daddy do when the kid sleeps (inspired by Olibith)
SOF Brigade
Fail Land Roller Coaster
Frozen Olibith (wallpaper)
The Best Kept Secret Of The Horde
Running on the beach

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