51/0/10 WotLK Beta Warlock: 56million+ DPS by Asera
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Eldre'Thalas ( Reckoning )
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This is what happens when Blizzard forgets to fix certian mechanics already in game...

Artist: Henry Gregson-Williams
Song: Gekko
Album: Metal Gear Solid 4 OST

Basically the bug goes like this. We take a level 70 or higher warlock, put them in 4 piece Tier5, spec them 50 points affliction at least, put corruption up and spam shadowbolt for a few minutes. Eventually we see absolutely retarded dps output.

What is happening is the 4 piece T5 bonus stacks indefinitly (even in TBC live right now it does). This was never an issue before because you could never recast corruption after getting buffed by this bonus, and it would drop off before it would ever reach values this high. However, due to Everlasting Affliction resetting the corruption timer... yeah. And you thought SWP was an OP dot.

Also, mathcrafting has been done on the nature of WoW's 32 bit programming.

Maximum damage you can do per hit is 2^32 (32 bit integer, since WoW is a 32bit based program)

That's in a SINGLE hit. Of course, Corruption is a DOT, with 8 ticks.

4,294,967,296 split into 8 ticks is, of course, the infamous 536 million tick, or 2^29..
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