Beyond and Far Away 3 by Wolfchamane
Class: Unknown | Category: Underground | Server : EU - C'Thun ( Crueldad )
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Movie Summary

A World of Warcraft Underground movie by Wolfchamane's Productions.
Proyect Director: Wolfchamane.
Edition: Wolfchamane.
Cameras: Wolfchamane's Productions Teammates.

Soundtrack listed in credits.

--- READ THIS FIRST --------
If you dislike "heavy metal" or "rock" music, maybe you should have to turn off the volume.
If you dislike underground movies, you should be better doing anything else.

Summary: in BaFa (Beyond and Far Away) 3 you will see us performing some exploits in World of Warcraft. Maybe you had already seen this tricks before, we're not sure xD The original reason to make a new compilation of exploits was to show people that wall climbing was no death. We start looking out for places where was still available to perform a wall climbing exploit. After 3 hours of records, we just find out 2 places that we think wasn't shown before. Among all those records we also find out some nice exploits.

We hope you like the movie.

I suggest you to download the movie, if you like good quality.

PS: Sorry about any spelling mistake.
PS2: Actually we're setting up a new Beyond and Far Away movie.

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