Very Last Hope � Dazz, Tharbad, Tradix � 3 dps 3vs3~2300 Rating f. Lecken by breakingnews
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Destromath ( Blutdurst )
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breakingnews's Arena Team 1
Tradix Tharbad Dazz
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Hello everybody,

This is our third Superbest-Superfriends-Squad Production! :P

IMPORTANT: Read warnings before watching

1. This is an ARENA ONLY movie! You won�t see any open pvp or duels!
If you don�t like arena pvp, skip this.

2. If you hate Tradix�s modelchanges, don�t watch!

3. If you hate fast paced, extremely short, AS SOON AS THIS FUCKING DRUID APPEARS I�LL RIP HIS HEAD OFF matches, then don�t watch!

Ok then�If you still want to watch, then you can expect:

- Arena 3vs3 at 2200-2300 rating on Realmpool Blutdurst
- 3 DPS power! Rogue (Dazz), Mage (Tharbad), Moonkin (Tradix)
- Three perspectives to bring over the most intense feeling of the fights! We didn�t spare the effort. :)
- Commentary + Hints + Tips
We�re not pretending that we are perfect players. The commentary just explains the tactic that fit well in the moment. Other tactics may work out fine too.
There are not many high rated 3 dps-teams playing in competitive realmpools, and there are not many 3 dps-movies out there. So we thought that some of you might find this arena-movie informative and helpful.
- We included some cinematic scenes. Special thanks to the mighty Lecken aka Leckman aka Leckenhoff who designed one cut-scene just for this movie. THANKS MAN! And thanks to Crann who designed the artworks! THANKS! :P
- The Arena-footage was filmed during the last two weeks of season 3. After frapsing the battles Tradix and Tharbad quit World of Warcraft.

You will see fights against:

Warrior/Paladin/Shaman (DPS + Doubleheal)
Hunter/Priest/Druid (DPS + Doubleheal)
Warrior/Priest/Druid (DPS + Doubleheal)

Watch other movies from our Superbest-Superfriends-Squad, if you haven�t already:

Saru & Tharbad 2on2 Double-Frostmage
Tradix 6
Zukuu's Destruction Duel-Guide

Note: Apologies for any grammar or vocabulary mistakes!


Dead By April � Lost
TV Themes - Jeopardy (Think Music)
Emery � Party Song
In Flames � The Mirror�s Truth
Aerosmith & Run DMC � Walk This Way
Story Of The Year - Antidote
Celldweller � Own Little World (Remixed by Remorse Code & Blue Stahli)
X-Ray Dog - Conquest
The Haven Theory � Gabriel (
Red � Already Over

Addons used:

afflicted, scrolling combat text, nature enemy castbar, cryolysis2, trinket menu, proximo, jimscooldownpulse, clearfont2, omnicc, prat, quartz, bartender3, chinchilla, cycircled, eepanels2, errormonster, gdfont, tinytip, ag_unitframes, aloft

bartender3, cooldowncount, focusframe, move anything, ocb2-ace2- (castbar), proximo

His UI is downloadable. Just follow the link above to Tradix 6.

Edit: Saru quit wow long ago. In the beginning of s3.
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