The Scarlet Thorn by BaronSoosdon
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One day, Sylvanas got a bit bored at standing at her throne. So, she decides to call up her champions to give her some epic weapons. Then she jumps on her horse - destination: Scarlet Monastery, mission: lots of carnage!

Sylvanas is gonna have her model changed in WoTLK, may this movie remind us all of her old model.

This movie was my submission to WWI'08 machinima contest.
It got disqualified for obvious reasons :)

I gotta say that this ain't the best of my works but no matter but the hell with that,
I'll share it with you anyways.

I had epix plans to re-cut this movie and add a better ending,
narration and all sorts of stuff in it. Then the harsh reality of not having enough HD space smacked me in the face - bye bye project files.

x264 version download @ filefront
click me
(the stream is fucked up but the file plays OK when you download it)


The Vimeo stream which is on the above links does not work for some reason. This is an issue with WCM, but you can view it in best quality right here.

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