Fight For Survival Episode 1 Enter The Arena by Dragon Power
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Movie Summary
Dragon Power
This is the movie i camed up with for the Wegame August contest.
I didn't have any script, i just improvised.( All i started out with was a conversation over ventrilo with my pvp friend, and he mentioned that it could happen something around the arena. And sense Arena is popular nowadays, i thought it was a kinda great idea.
This is the first episode of the series that I'm gonna make(If People like it). If they don't like it i won't spend anymore time with this project.(And hopefully find anything else more intressting)

This story begins in Shattrah City, there two travellers (A gnome and a Dwarf)
Meets a Draenei that asks them for a favor.
The Draenei's tells them to travel to Blade Edge Mountain with their mounts.

While they're flying they flied over an Orc base by mistake and tries to escape.
But they got shot down and falls down in high speed to the ground.

A short moment later the Dwarf Ressurect the Gnome. The Dwarf survived the fall thanks to his Racial abillity(Stoneform)
They are now stranded in the middle of Blade Edge Mountain, Then suddenly a huge Tauren Warrior falls down and nearly cross both the Gnome and Dwarf.
The Tauren tries to strike at the gnome once again, and it's dust everywhere, the tauren can't see anything. then the dust flies down to the ground and he can see that the gnome is just fine.
While it was dust everywhere, the gnome managed to attach a rocket on the Taurens back, and now the Gnome waved goodbye to the Tauren, and he flies to heaven.

The Dwarf and Gnome realized that they wherent stranded, they where in the Blade Edge Arena.
And then enters a Goblin the arena that starts to discuss some things over with the Dwarf and Gnome.
And there mostly ends episode one.

I'm going to try to make a trailer for episode two, i won't be able to make the entire episode two in time... so i'll at least try to make the trailer before the contest ends..

Pictures i made for the movie:

Forgot to add in the credits: Music by Blizzard Entertainment
Credit music by Nathan Pinard "Tech Assault"
I really don't wanna rerender it :( I wasted my entire day yesterday at rerender small bugs >.< and i really just wanna continue with the trailer today...

Huge Thanks to
Caruu (For voice acting all characters except the dwarf)
Dexintoz (For fixing my mIRC channel, #Dragon_Power_Production @ QuakeNet)
Ruddy (For helping me out with an idea)
Matt Greenburg (for doing the dwarf voice)

To much info? :( .
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