80 Unholy DK TANK - Utgarde Pinnacle by Pyros
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Test Server Europe
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Movie Summary
This is an unedited fraps of a run I did some days ago. This was done in build 8885, with a random PUG.

I'm playing an unholy tank DK, using a 7/11/51 build
My gear is a mix of blacksmithing crafted blue tanking gear(tempered saronite and daunting), and lvl 80 PvP gear. Weapon is lvl 80 blue "arena" greatsword, that's what it says at least. None of my gear is enchanted, but I have a few green gems. 19.2k hps, mix of def and resilience to be uncrittable, 17%parry, 11%dodge.

The group is made up of:
80 Unholy DK Tank(me)
80 BM Hunter
79 Fury Warrior
79 Enhance Shaman
78 Holy Paladin

I don't have recount shown during the video, but I did about twice the damage of anyone else, mostly due to insane AEs. Expect this to be nerfed before wotlk goes live, DKs currently do way too much damage.

About the movie itself, I'm quite lazy so that means:
-it's unedited(meaning there's trash, waiting for patrols, typing and stupid stuff like that)

-only has ingame sounds which means no music, play your own stuff if you want, I wasn't going to find 45mins of music stuff only to have people tell me they hate it

-the first fraps file ended up at the end of the movie, so after last boss, you'll see it switches to entrance before the initial pull; not going to reencode/reupload to fix it

-it uses H264, meaning you'll need VLC or a codec pack that can play H264 to see it if you download it(ffdshow does it nicely if you don't want to use VLC)

-a lower quality sped up version is coming, in divx. It's almost as big, which is why I dislike divx, but well

-stream coming when Filefront will be done making it

Addons used:
AG UnitFrames, IceHUD, Cowtip, some Fubar random stuff, RuneCC(it has been discontinued and became RuneHero, but I like this simple version more than the graphic intensive new one).
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