Printzor 5: Double Shatter Combo by printz0r
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Dragonmaw ( Reckoning )
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If you're wondering about my Arena relevance, I placed top 10 and #1 countless times throughout the past 2 years in BC.

Featuring :
- A new mage gameplay ability for ~85% of mages.
- Under geared Gnome mage (blues and greens) 1v3
- Mostly world PVP
- Techniques and explanation on the Double Shatter Combo

Video description: The main purpose of this video is to showcase the Double Shatter Combo. An ability most mages do not know about. This ability takes spell haste, skill + perfect timing. It is performed at the end of my video (8 minutes and 50 seconds in).

Another part of this video is trying to divert away from all the other Undead mage videos. Most PVP videos show full vengeful/brutal geared players owning scrubs in greens. By playing with an under geared gnome mage most encounters have players with greater or equal gear than me. By the time this video was made, this mage was only 3 weeks into 70.

Note: If you're wondering about the Double Shatter Combo, it is where you cast 2 icelances proceeding a frostbolt before the first icelance breaks the shatter/frost nova. I did it on my Undead female mage because of the gear requirements. If you are interested, please download the full video for greater details and improved quality..
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