The Way of life by Johan V�gstedt
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Movie Summary
Ok here we go!
It's been a long month for me, Johan V�gstedt, trying to get this movie ready in time for all of you to see it. Now it's done, just before the limit, and exactly 10 minutes long.
I hope you will all enjoy it, and understand the effort put into it.

~Thord (Mike Dunahee) is a battle weary soldier who had the missfortune of being sent to Northrend with Arthas Menethil in his youth. There the unruly prince made not just himself infamous, but his unsuspecting men aswell. Therefore the veteran, Thord, had to settle for a post in Menethil Harbour when he returned from the land of the midnight sun, even though the title Grand Marshal was rightfully his. Now his day spans from cleansing the marsh from bewildered forsaken, or orcish scouts and saying goodbye to soldiers far younger than himself. One day he crosses paths with a young dying soldier named Caldor (Drew Syring) who completely changes the grumpy old commander's perspective.~

You will notice that there are some custom animations in it. This is something entirely new to me and it has been a great learning experience working with it. I would like to thank James Dunlop, aka Macky, who made that possible and helped me with the animations. Also I would like to thank Nathan Allen Pinard for the beautiful original soundtrack. He made a score that's glorious and dark sometimes and light and enjoyable sometimes. Just the contrast I was going for. I can listen to the soundtrack for hours.
Last but definatly not least, my thanks goes out to Glenn X Govan, aka Caruu, who did such an amazing job with the sound desing that when I saw the final movie, with the music, sfx and everything, it felt like a new movie. You three all did amazing work with this movie and you should be very proud.

Nathan has been so kind to let all of you listen to the soundtrack. It can be downloaded here:

Dont forget to visit us at or send me questions and thoughts to [email protected]. Or come chat with me at Machinima at IRC.

The closing of the contest is at hand, may the best movie win :)

Best regards,
Johan V�gstedt - Firebolt productions

Watch the contest version here.

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