Funshine Bears Group PvP by Nefarious / Nefz / Khronic
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Skullcrusher ( Ruin )
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It's been a couple years and this was the only vid. I had of Zerk and our adventures together. Figured I would reupload it for people.

As far as music goes, sorry can't answer that. Im Khronic, Berzerk was the music guy, I don't know the music. It falls in the Jungle/Drum n' Bass category.

Thatfire (Cody), Snive (Frank) if you guys end up seeing this, email me at:

[email protected]

This video is probably so unpopular by now I imagine only you guys will see this. GL in life guys!

For the rest of you, thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy :) Pre-BC WoW was the best IMO. I still miss it :( That night was a blast guys, havn't had that much fun since :(

Heh, it's funny watching this vid. after arena s3. So many mistakes I never saw when we did this :D Overriding blinds w/ sheeps, skipping totems, wasting blinks. Ahh. those were the days. I've had even more ridiculous fights than any of these I never recorded. Oh well, have fun everyone. WoW is to outa controll now an' days. Old school is always the best.

If UO2 ever comes to life (Darkfall dosn't count) I'll be there ;)


Berzerk, Khronic, Snive and Thatfire own it up in Sithilus on Skullcrusher.

All fights are even or against our favor. Group PvP vid in the perspecitve of Berzerk/Berzerked (60 Rogue) and Khronic/Noxion(60 Mage).;4269621;;/fileinfo.html

Teamwork > All

Goodbye Skullcrusher, was fun while it lasted. Hello Smolderthorn :)

^ The rest of our videos ^ .
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