High Warlord Tauren Warrior (insane crits) by Pat
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arthas ( Ruin )
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Pat Volume2

Ok so one tuesday blizzard released a patch that caused every lvl60 warriors in the game to be given an extra talent point (this was hotfixed within the day). I happened to be filming that day and had it on my bars in some scenes. I am so annoyed to see how people somehow think this video is all about DEATHWISH. … DEATHWISH WAS ONLY USED IN LIKE 5% OF THE SCENE AND THE BIGGEST CRITS THIS VIDEO HAD WERE WITHOUT IT (FREAKIN LOOK IT YOURSELF). Notice I never stacked it with berserking to? What if I had berserking instend? Noone would’ve complained…. Wtv

Summer 2005, I was wasting my life racing my way to rank14 in the early battlegrounds (queues at physical BG entrance, and only AV/WSG existed). The rewards just seemed so wonderful I had to keep playing! Around the month of october or november (can't recall exactly when) I became the first Horde Rank14 warrior on my server (3rd rank14 hordeside, 2nd warrior serverwide (first serverwide rank14 warrior being my friend Maydie 1week prior)). The gear is awesome especially considering how horrible my opponent's was compared to mine in Battlegrounds. The Warrior Class shines at its best, after the success of my first video the constant requests for a rank14 video just wouldn't stop, and I felt like I had the responsibility to show the world how the warriors performed considering how few people owned that gear at the time.

After the creation of this second video I once again underestimated the number of viewer that would see it (I simply expected just as much as the the first one.. like 90000?). And so I just hosted the video on filefront and posted on WoW forums about it. A few days (see weeks) later I started to notice the amount of whispers I was getting during my playtime to be increasing to a ridiculous point. Some people told me my video had been hosted on warcraftmovies.com with the label "High Warlord Tauren Warrior (insane crits), (I didnt know the site at the time) also on youtube and multiple sites. The warrior was shown from a new point a view and literally hundreds of people personally told me they actually rerolled a warrior after seeing this video. I eventually realized how big of an impact this video had on the WoW community lots of people also claimed that it was the cause for some later warrior nerfs. I was later being parodied in douzens of other videos or made "referred", "in memory of" or "in homage to" in some other videos. Today there is no doubt this video is part of WoW history as I traveled to multiple realms I could always find people that knew me through this.

I am disappointed that I didn’t know about warcraftmovies.com when I made this video because for the first 2 or 3 weeks no download hits were recorded.

An estimated number of 3millions (3000k) downloads were made of this video may it be from my original filefront host or from warcraftmovies links, cut parts from youtube / googlevideo and other websites combined...
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