Warlock solo Onyxia by gabzz
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ysondre ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
Hi everyone, i'm Gabzz from EU-Ysondre and it's my first real PVE movie.

Since the 3.0.2, the pet scaling and the 80% ae pet mitigation, warlock seems to really be able to solo many boss. To proove it, i tried and succed to kill Onyxia solo.

My spec is 21/40/0 with the new Fel Synergy and I used Healthstone and Voidwalker glyphs for this fight. My stuff is a mix of PVE and PVP gear: 1636 spell / 8,5% hit / 15% haste / 12.2k hp self buff with a voidwalker out.
Consommables i used are Flask of Pure Death, classic spell power food and oil (1791 spell with all these buffs). I usually used a Rejuv pot in phase 2 but i didn't need it on this pull :)

I cut phase 1 and 3 because it is really really boring, nothing happens...
The hard part is of course the phase 2, especially for a warlock that cannot heal himself exept with drain life and siphon life. Damage taken are heavy and a little error of anticipation or placement just kill you in the minute.

The BIG difference beetween my Onyxia solo kill and others is the time to kill it. The fight is just 30 minutes long (my well feed buff fade 5 sec before the killing blow). I don't have the warder problem because of this ;)

As you can see the new Fel Synergy talent and the 80% mitigate ae are really amazing, especially in phase 2 when there is no time to heal the pet (eating full deep breaths). I dont have to heal the pet in phase 1 and phase 2, dps is enougth to heal it.

I'm of course grouped with a mate to be in a raid group (required to stay in the instance). This mate is in Warsong Gulch during all the fight and you can see on grid or the minimap that i'm ALONE with my pet.

Editing is bad i know it, i wanted my movie to get it up before an other warlock kill Ony solo :p
Mute music if you don't like it.

Enjoy watching

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