Battle for Mount Hyjal (Caverns of Time) by Maevah
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Movie Summary
Battle for Mount Hyjal (Caverns of Time)
(17th video, 10/2008)

A complete Hyjal (Carverns of Time 3) aesthetic PvE retrospective with guild .

Filmed in Feb.-Mar. 2008, and a few more images of Kaz'Rogal and Archimonde in Sep. 2008.

I know it's rather late to release a video of Hyjal. The reason of the delay is that I've had to stop my gaming activities for some time (for personnal and professionnal reasons). In the past I have already released videos of Naxxramas, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep (and many other stuff). Now that I can spend some time again (but limited time) on video making, in the choice between Hyjal, Black Temple and Sunwell, if I have to choose one, I prefer to finish the Hyjal video before WotLK. I've already taken a lot of images in Black Temple (and released an Archimonde and an Illidan video for a video game magazine), my guild is doing Sunwell. But I've never done this for spoil or being the first to down some boss or whatever (though I've played very HL PvE in the past), I do it because I like the final result, and in the end I prefer Hyjal for aesthetic reasons.

We will see if we can film something in Sunwell before WotLK comes out.

Regarding the soundtrack, I've finally used Kerion again. I used to keep them in the vault for when I would feel it's the good time to (re)use them. When I was in guild , the singer was the girlfriend of a guild officer and I've used their entire "demo"-album "The last sunset" on my Naxxramas videos. Here I've re-used two tracks from "The last sunset" (the ones I had used on Maexxna and Noth the Plaguebringer) and some tracks from their new album "Holy Creatures quest".

Guild's website :

Kerion's website :


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