GM Combat Rogue vs Sulfuras Orc Warrior by Ming
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Lightning's Blade ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
After dueling Aedak the popular rank 12 spinal reaper warrior I wanted to try my hands on a decked out Orc warrior just to see how big a factor is stun resistance against my spec. Grumthol the rank 14 warrior was not responding, so when Moochman from Entropy got his hands on Sulfuras I asked him for a series of duels and those fights were released unedited. For people who are interested in seeing more variety in Rogue vs Warrior fights, please check out the Ming vs Aedak video, which has quite a bit more finesse on both sides. Moochman chose to not use PVP trinket and neither did I, and in term of 1v1 dueling he doesn't really have the same experience as Aedak so the video was more like a "Adrenaline Rush + Evasion > Warriors" demonstration than anything else. By using the PVP trinket, Moochman would have won at least 2 more matchs.

Still there are a few things I can show fellow rogues from this video. Notice in match 1 with evasion activated I ran right through him in an attempt to get behind him. A very popular move for dagger rogues, a big no-no if you are trying to take advantage of evasion against warriors as when the two players collide into eachother, dodges/parries are ignored. In match 2 and 3 my evasion went up after I ate a regular attack + mortal strike, another common mistake for rogues trying to beat a warrior with evasion. Make sure it goes up before you take any hits! While stun resistance is devastating against a kiting hemo rogue or stunlocking dagger rogue, for a combat rogue it is for the most part a non-factor. Tauren warstomp is a much stronger racial against adrenaline rush + evasion.

The rogue class is extremely difficult to balance. With cooldowns I still believe it is the strongest class in the game. However using zero cooldowns (as seen in last fight of the video), it is probably the weakest class in the game. To improve the class significantly without nerfing the power of its cooldowns is almost impossible. If a rogue can beat other classes without using cooldowns, what happens when they use the cooldowns?

P.S. While Moochman has rarely ever been mentioned in any "best PVPer of Lightnings Blade" threads, with Sulfuras he definitely took a gigantic step to place himself among the elites. Easily top 5 for either faction especially in group PVP with his awesome racial. The underdog on top theme music from 50 cents is very fitting. Once again congratulations to Moochman & Entropy for crafting the hammer! .
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