Level 1-60 in 28 Hours Vol 1. by Harley
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : US - Silvermoon ( Reckoning )
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I know, there's going to be a lot of people that hate this movie, that rate it low, that tell me to go kill myself, that stand on a soap box and proclaim me to be an evil doing bad guy who's ruining the game they love. But keep in mind, without me, these problems could go undetected for weeks or even months more. How would you like it if someone warped and hacked in Battlegrounds?

Blizzard has no software detection for warping at this time. They have a client side check for your location that can be easily hacked, and it would appear your char has to be flagged first for them to even check the logs that your char makes on these in the first place.

Character location is a client side issue, nothing this important should ever be client side. Why didn't Blizzard know this from the start? Why did they make anything client side to begin with?

The sad fact is....accounts after this movies release will be banned...but what about those hacked and leveled before release? I still have my scholo money...and well...the char in the previous film...is the EXACT SAME char starring in this next feature.


PS thanks to stopliving.com for hosting..
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