vodka vs. Sartharion + 3 Drakes by neurotik
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Mannoroth ( Ruin )
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vodka vs. Sartharion + 3 Drakes
Resolution: 1680x1050 widescreen
Codec: DivX

Audio Tracks:
1. Angel One - Invincible (X-tended Mix)
2. Sylver - Turn the Tide (CJ Stone Remix)

This is a video of vodka's first Sartharion kill with all three drakes up at the same time. I apologize for not having a video (or a kill) last week, but we made the mistake of killing Sartharion the 'easy' way last Tuesday instead of waiting and attempting to do it with three drakes up.

The fight is actually pretty fun with all three drakes up, and it is pretty much the biggest challenge that we can find with the way the introductory raid content is in WotLK. That said, it is not nearly as hard as it may seem to be, but it was still fun to figure it out and get a kill on our first night of attempts.

I'd like to congratulate the other guilds who have managed to kill Sartharion this way too and wish all of you the best of luck in future raid content.

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to try and respond to them when I have time. I realize I did a pretty poor job at this during the release of all of our Sunwell videos, so I hope to improve upon that with future videos.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us as a guild, see you when Ulduar is released!

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