Loatheb Heroic 2 man by zobert
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Todeswache ( Hinterhalt )
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Loatheb Heroic down on dec/06/2008

by Pai - Paladin, Smiley - Warrior; ‹berspitzen; Todeswache - EU

the fight took 3:12 hours from pull. The biggest challenge for us were to be focused the whole time, we missed three times the 3-sec-healing-phase which brought us into big trouble (ie had to use all cooldowns)
another concern was thie item durability;my weapon had at the end 6/105.
We had backup weapons and shields since nobody could tell how long our gear would last.

edit: fixed minutes to hours, we are not that fast:)
edit2: we discovered later that the recount statistics are not exact. there is also some trash in there from the day before, altering the numbers slightly.

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