Gotta Go! 27k dps by Artone
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Uldaman ( N�m�sis )
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Achievement : Gotta go!

Setup :
Mutilate Rogue
Prot War
Ret Pal
Enhance sham
Feral druid

We reached 27k dps during the second burst phase with a 4s cast and managed to get him down after 5hours of chain try.

The boss has 3 differents cast :
-Locust Swarm 4.8s
-Pound 5,1s
-Carrion Beetles 4s

Atm this fight is based on luck and dps :
-stop dps at 77%
-wait a new cast keeping mind-numbing poison (or CoT) up
-burn him to 50% during his cast
-kill all waves as fast as possible
-bring him to 27%
-wait a new cast
-burn him down
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