Enti's Quenched Sword (Bugged Level 1 Item) by bob007
Class: Death Knight | Category: Underground | Server : US - Detheroc ( Shadowburn )
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This moving showcases the currently bugged sword, Enti's Quenched Sword. In this movie, I show just how overpowered this thing is. In one demonstration I show that the sword hits for over 100 damage on white hits, at level 2. In another example I go from level 5 to 6 in just 3 minutes. During this process, I try to clear up questions about the item, and hopefully I answered any that spring to mind when watching this movie. If I didn't, feel free to ask, and I'll answer them.

Also, I apologize for the lack of/crappy editing, I was trying to get this out there fast (never know when Blizzard might decide to hotfix it). I also didn't feel like getting Sony Vegas, so you'll have to do with WMM, although I tried to make it bearable.

Q: Where is this sword from?
A: It drops off Kreug Oathbreaker(http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=27105) in Dragonblight. Alternatively it can be bought from another player.

Q: How can you use it at such a low level?
A: The sword has no level requirement, therefor can be used at any level

Q: How does it hit so hard?
A: Something about the item is most likely bugged. The damage could be what's bugged (most likely), or the tooltip could just be incorrect (less likely)

Q: Why does Rend tick for so much?
A: Rend is based off of weapon damage, and receives the maximum potential from the weapon. Keep in mind the weapon's damage is extremely varied (3-172), so this is why rend ticks for more than auto attacks.

Q: Does the weapon scale per level?
A: To some extent (I.E. Via strength, agility etc), but the actual item remains the same. It loses it's "edge" if you will, around level 30.

Q: What's the item level?
A: The item level is 200, yet (and this is according to other people, I personally haven't tried) you can't use high end enchants on it..
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