Alpha Vs. Malygos10 4min18sec kill by Fearsalot
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Ysera ( Stormstrike )
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Hi, this is my second movie, it's shorter and higher quality.

This is the 10man version we did like the day after we completed the 25man one.

Raid was :
Double DK (one was DW other was Blood I think), Double Boomkin, Fury Warrior, Prot Warrior Tank, Resto shaman healer, resto druid healer, fire mage, affliction lock

I ran 53/1/17 for this particular fight with machinegun imp build.
SL/CoA/Corr glyphs.

Halfway thru the fight I realize I still had my pvp trinket where I normally keep my DPS one bound, let corruption drop around that time while distracted :(

From the view should be pretty easy to get an idea of what we're doing here with the spark stacking. I updated my buffmod earlier in the day still didn't show the stack tho :X

Probably will be my last movie untill Uluuar, might do a Sarth + 3one, but gonna take that time to learn some better editing techniques.

Thank you for watching!!!!!!

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