Project : Rebirth Trailer by Xayo & Xerxes
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Movie Summary
This is the trailer to "Project : Rebirth".
Project Rebirth was founded by Xerxes and me to keep you from forgetting Nogg-aholic.

You should be seeing a fulltime 20 minute movie now, but due to my lazyness and my discovering of other hobbies you just see a little trailer here.

Im going to put all the stuff i want to say in the description here, just to keep the movie from ending up as a 2 minute sequence of pathetic "We'll rise again" lines.

For me Nogg-aholic was a special community, I've been in MANY communities but I always missed this geeky-vibe from Nogg-ahlic. From 2006 to around late 2008 I collected over 180gb of clips.
Modelchanging, Exploration. Some of them seem noobish from nowadays view, but you have to realize that some of the footage is from early 2006, when there was no Nogg-it, no Cryect Tools and no Glitchy's MES.

The reason this trailer is posted on the 7th of January is that this was the day Nogg-aholic was closed in early 2007.
But Nogg didn't die. The spirit lived on in some of us. Malu05 founded a community called "", it was not that crowded as back then in Nogg-aholic, but still some people came back.

All this footage you see in this movie is filmed from 1.8 to 3.0.2
If you are interested in contributing footage, PM me please.

Song: Clint Mansell - Dead Reckoning

Thanks list:
Bullshitmaster for teaching me lots of stuff
Demonkunga for a whole lot of drama
Dopefish for starting all this and for constantly cheering me up
Nayra for having awesome discussions with me, although we dont really like eachother
Schlumpf for being just someone who took me to the next level, you boosted my motivation to the max
Tharo for not giving up on your Taliis Editor
Thetsunami for being my best friend IRL and ingame, I showd you exploration and you just got really into it and found some weird routes all across Azeroth
Xerxes for constantly being there kicking my ass
Yamachi for being a great pupil who soon got better than me
Zax for contributing old NAC-footage

and Twonkle, Dezzan and Winnerdb for always being there to have fun with.

I hope that we'll be able to finish the movie until Summer '09, it would be a pity if the 180gb of clips just get deleted when my HDD decides to die.
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