Best of 2008 Wow PvP - SGF Selection by Furuken/MzR_
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
With 2008 coming to an end, SGF Team wants to resume a good year of world of Warcraft by selecting some footage from the best videos of the year.


This isn't an official selection nor a contest for best videos, just our opinion of the best videos 2008 overall (skill, editing, quality, music, etc...). With this selection we pretend to make make it easy to find your favourite videos, and of course expose this videos to anyone that likes Wow but didn't have a chance to watch them.

The size of the final version of the video is 561 Mb [normal quality] with a runtime of 33.41 minutes. I recommend not streaming the video because of the huge quality loss. Keep in mind this selection was not only "my 2008 best" but also my 2008 best that matched the action and music election that I wanted to edit in my video (there are plenty arena matches I'd like to have included, but were just too long or too slow action-wise (as compared with the rest of the video).

ANSWER as to why there's not X player in movie [especialy refering to Buddhist/Mahiko, who most of you miss]

I appreciate the good feedback (well, also the bad one). Please don't rate the movie just because one of your favourite players is missing. As I stated many times I cant include all players (at least in my first movie release).
First of all, at the end of movie I show 'honorable mentions' which include most of your "trolling", and in that list are mahiko and buddhist amongst many others.
I left like 8 rogues I like (buddhist, happyminti, mahiko, krymu acrono, cilya, Zyz, Destram, tosan and many more) but it couldn't turn out to be an ALL ROGUE movie, I tried to have some variety in terms of classes.
Secondly, this is of course just my opinion, and just for a video with entertainment value. The players that are shown here don't have in some cases more skills than others, this is just a videoclip based on MY best of 2008 OVERALL, not counting only skill, based in the movies they release, nor ratings, e-famous, tournaments attendace or anything.
Also some clips were ment to be included but finally didn't end in the final version because of time, action (too long/slow pace compare to the rest of the vid etc).
Another group of vids, simply are encoded in a *** way and when working in sony vegas and changing their original format/decode them, their quality loss was hugeeee, and therefore didn't add them (that was mahikos case).
Think that im working with already released material, each one in a format/resolution, some vids with xvid encode or mp4 just looked bad when added to the final compilation, in terms of quality.

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