StormFury: The Awakening by StormFury
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Quel'Thalas ( Conviction )
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StormFury's Arena Team 1
StormFury Paixao
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Hey guys;

My first video so i am ofcourse kinda amateur on editing, ill get better in time.
Hope you enjoy the video. You can find me in realm of Quel'thalas if you have any questions.

About me:

I have been playing my druid since jan 2006, I have two druids this one is main as feral, other is balance.
(i have never played resto in my entire life)
Been doing arenas (rogue/feral 2v2, warrior paladin feral 3v3) since season 1. I got gladiator title as feral
with 3v3 partners of mine :)

About the video:

I wanted to show the aggresive side of ferals mainly. I see too many feral videos people playing really defensive,
hope this changes the idea what you think about ferals. With the wotlk i started to have the same fun when i was playing
at wow vanilla, feral is once again the ultimate class/spec in battlegrounds.
1st scenes are from battlegrounds,
followed by some arena
then some duels :)

all the footage was taken before the 3.0.8 patch

Enjoy the ride.

Songs used:

Linkin Park - Awake
BFMV - Last to know
Enya - May it be
Rob ZOmbie - Super beast
BFMV - Take it out on me
Iron Maiden - Wasted years
3 Doors down - Landing in London

Duels against:





Special Thanks updated:

Mélkor Stormscale.EU
Baŕl Stormscale.EU.

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