Hirnfrost & Kelthala - Mage / Mage 2400+ by Hirnfrost
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Destromath ( Blutdurst )
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Hirnfrost's Arena Team 1
Hirnfrost Kelthala
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Hey Folks,
So this is my first movie, it deals with a Mage / Mage setup @ about 2400 Rating (team & MMR).
Kelthala and me are both 20/0/51 for all scenes of the Movie.
Please keep in mind, that this is my first movie and the first time i really worked with Sony Vegas Pro 9 ( I learned everything from youtube tutorials, most of them i can recommend ).
However there is not too much editing in it.. i decided to not zoom in at all, i am sure you can follow our actions without it.
Moreover i know its not the best time to release another Mage Movie after Gameking 11 & another Mage / Mage arena vid came out, but nevertheless I do.

Server : Destromath
Bg : EU- Blutdurst
Guild : Less you think more you know
Mate : Kelthala

Music is listened at the End

spotlight / skillpoints would be great ^^
rendered with x264 codec
(@ high resulution)

P.S. : Dont expect the best players of the world, and also dont expect the best games.. i forgot to turn fraps on like 50% of all games we had >:
Pls use the Wegame stream.

Oiiii dont forget to take a closer look on Kelthala´s Movie !


Edit : Hirnfrost 3 , containing bgs / duels & maybe world pvp will be out soon
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