Wanna raid now by BB BuN
Class: Mage | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Burning Legion ( Bloodlust )
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Hi guys =)
I know you prefer more pvp movies but since this site is for any machinima I uploaded my latest video made special for 2 talented boys 2ManRaid!
It took me quite a time to make this machinima and I faced lots of technical problems. So here it is for our judges =)
Comment, rate, give advice.
P.S. If writing a negative comment will make you feel better, feel free to write it =)

2ManRaid youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/2ManRaid
BB BuN youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/superbia999

Orgrimmar! Orgrimmar! Orgrimmar! Orgrimmar! (Kazz) Oooorgrimmar
[Kazz] SHHH, now we've known this blood elf for years.....ok he is your modern day death knight,I want everyone to give it up.. FOR CROWE

[Crowe] I greatly appreciate all my hordies for commin out tonight, Orgrimmar right now is in great need to become one, every body know me and arthus have a thing, i dont like him and he dont like me.I figuered if we all come together to raid against that man Arthas, the lich king. we will be untouchable

2 man, 2 man, 2 man, raid, raid, raid, raid
I wanna raid right now, raid, raid right now

[verse 1 Crowe]
Its the plague land death knight aka Crowe you already know never gonna reroll, DJ Kazz with me, you know what痴 up. Try to step man I will death grip you up
I知 geared up I got the tiers, go check my banks PVP gear,
I知 blood spec, that痴 how I do
DJ Kazz elemental, what痴 up with you? Little nooby ass, what you cryin bout,
If you don稚 like the Raid afk out,
My hordies geared up, we instancin.
I知 all in the raid owning a million crits.
You see a horde you better know the deal,
You see the tabards fool, we in the raids for real
I知 beastin on these hoes, we dpsin foes,
Waitin for the epics, then we slash roll.

[Verse 2 DJ Kazz]
Hes elemental huh, that痴 what I heard em say.
Epic gears the same color as the class he plays 5 on 1 yah,
Shammy lookin good. Its vigilante shit, I知 on my robin hood.
We da best boy, yah face is in the dirt,
Sippin on potions, while your skin is burnt.
I gotta add your name, Your dps is sick,
She said her name is Sylvanis just call me Arthus.
Cause I知 a troll hoe, give em the lava lash,
Don稚 call me a mage boy I don稚 play that class
I keep the groupies buffed, so we can cap em cuz,
And when I知 in the battle, we get the blood lust
They go and spend some gold, screamin I own you,
Now go and raid it up noobie, look at you
I知 beastin on these hoes, we dpsin foes,
Waitin for the epics, then we slash roll.


[Verse 3 Crowe]
BG chillin you know what I知 dealin,
My dps is all the way up to the ceilin,
Tonight I知 on some 2 man shit,
And yall be lovin it, Rip you up fast,
Own you up fast, with some crazy crits
I知 horde up noob, level 80 noob, you like my race?
I知 blood elf noob, I知 reppin Horde side,
Allies be dashin, when I知 in the raid I知 slash dancing,
My hordies all own and that a fact,
You see us at the instance you better get back,
Cause when i deeps it down the raid is over with.
They call me Leeroy, I知 on my Jankin shit,
We ownin and pwin up the boss fight,
2 man raid reppin shammys and the death knights,
I知 beastin on these hoes, we dpsin foes,
Waiting for the epics, then we slash roll.

[DJ Kazz] Now lets join 2 man raid, and take over northrend!

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