I'm GM by BB BuN
Class: Mage | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Burning Legion ( Bloodlust )
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Oh NO! I'm singing again (if anyone can call it singing) xD Well this is a tribute to all guild masters for their hard work.

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What Iím gonna do with all those noobs?
All those noobs inside my guild?
Iíma get,get, get em kick,
Get em kick out of my guild.
Coz Iím Gm, Gm, Gm, Gm , Gm,
Gm, Gm, Gm, so tired of PM.

Itís tough to be a Gm
Iím logging and I see em
Some guys are always whining
Initiates are spamming.
Paladin of low rank
Ask for access to bank.
No, coz we ainít sharing
Asking money for repairing- kick.
They drive me really crazy
I cannot do a daily
ĎDidnít get a spot in raid,
Leader took his real roommateí
Then they keep on fighting
Guild mates go on fighting
Because of epic items
They cannot stop and writing

Gm, Gm, Gm, Gm
You have to solve problem.
Gm, Gm, Gm
My guild, it got meÖ

They drive me crazy
Oh, spending all my time on guild, and spending life on em.
They make me crazy
Spending all my time on noobs, on noobs, not boobs.

What Iím gonna do with all those noobs?
All those noobs inside my guild?
Iíma get,get, get em kick,
Get em kick out of my guild.

She made a guild thought itíll be funny
Invited people, invested money.
Managed guild through guild control
Chose the officers, appointed roles.
Raided often, pvped
Kicked the people who always need.
Enraged with every single fail
Thatís the way guild leader play.

They say Iím pure devil
To em Iím always devil.
Demoting every slacker
Donít like to be on back up
When Iím offline they phone me
To manage raid they call me.
Someone declines inviting
The others start insulting and Iíma see the drama
They have started drama
No no drama, no no no no drama
In my guild no more such trick
At once you get kick
Iím just trying to take care
Of my guild to be fair

First it was simple and easy
Day by day made her busy.
Everyone is in need of me
Thatís how I turned to busy bee.
Half of the guild hates the priest
Attention whoring she sits on feast
Blessing the fish good luck with her butt
She broke main tank paladinís heart.
I have to solve any business here
The love affair, fighting for gear
Recruit the people, check the bank
Appoint dps, healers and tanks
Manage forum, choose the build
These are duties of leader in guild.

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