RS 25 PuG - Headless chickens included - Added tactics by Bondiee
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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Movie Summary
ANTI TROLLING MOVIE ! See this if you wanna TROLL !

- Purpouse of this movie is not to entertain you, it is actually meant to bore you
- Purpouse of this moive is not to show my personall skills / fails
- Purpouse of this movie is not about moaning about PuGs. It was me deciding to make one
- Purpouse of this movie is simple: It was made, just so you have something to look @ when you are bored

If you dont like music, get rid of your ears, headset or pc.
If you dont like what you see, get rid of your eyes or head

If you were born as a troll & you came here to troll about people that do try, then get rid of your self.

Anyways, at 14:32 or something, you find probably best RS 25 HC guide that is out there, at the moment. If you do not understand that one, then nothing in entire universe will help you to get this boss down.

Oh, BTW ! I am a biggest fool in this game, nice to meet you !

Wanna know more ?
To WCM team reviewing this, GJ with the server, less trolls would be nice tho :(
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