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Made By Regain.

This is my First Real Movie Made, i spendt 2 months on the editing to try make it the best as possible, as you then might understand i used alot of time on this one, I made smaller movies before to try out if i had it in me to edit, i got good respons back that gave me the spirit to make THE big one, Dont get fooled by the Cinematics in the start and in the midle of the movie, This Is a pvp movie,An 18min long movie VS Epic gared people, and arranged fights vs good and toughest players on my server, i present to you a movie that i but my heart and soul into to finish, Hopefully this wil be One of many.

My talents ar 21/8/22,
Abit own made, works as intended for me, 5/5 mod 2/5 Camo, can ofcorse do 5/5 Camo, but i like to stay hiden, CB + Prep, 1/2 imp CS.

My Items:

Nurfed UI
( A much home made addon pack)
And ofcorse "EasyUnlock" cant be easyer to open Lockboxes.

Most of these can be found at:

For More Comments go to:

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