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Don’t you remember the old days? I know it’s many new comers in WoW,
Newbs and Proes ofc, any way, they can never be old school like you and me,
They prob have no idea how things used to go down in the old days with no Bgs to farm or items to gain from honor, I mean in the very very start 80% of the people playing WoW did not know what raiding was,

Neomi and Gomsly wants to take you back and remind and educate you how we things used to go down in WoW before.

I could not take everything from the old days in to this movie and I cant even take credit from half of this movie, my time was running up short.
Vacation is over and last year of study is still to finish,
I just don’t have any more time to play WoW, specially now when another expansion comes, more leveling, more farming of items to be able to hang up with everyone else.

Therefore, I put this movie together just for you guys to reflect back what we used to do and used to discus.

The size of the movie is big i know, but its only to get a good Quality.

Im not the best editor out there, not even close, but this is what I came up with,
I hope you guys can try to enjoy it as much as you can,
I wish you a good luck and I hope all of you will enjoy your life to the fullest.

Best of regards.

Still waiting for the movie to be uploaded on stage6

"Update" i do understand the point of many of your comments, i do wish so much i had more time to put the MC stuff in the movie! mabye opening of AQ! the legendary AR! people whining of not bean able to click the gnomes in pvp"

Say what, if i one day, do get the chanse to make a Reminder "2" i wont publish it before all the things ar put together in 1 movie. that is a promise, i might not be playing any more, but it dont mean i dont want to keep giving you guys some stuff to think about [=.
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