Navoz 4 by Viralz
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arthas ( Ruin )
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Hi again and for those who dont know me now's your chance too. ;) 85 Mage PvP Movie meant for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. All footage was fraps'd on Arthas - US, Blackrock - US(both 4.2), and Arena Tournament(3.3.5). I play multiple specs throughout and dont limit myself to one in particular however there is slightly more fire. I quit cata for about 3 weeks because i didnt like the feel anymore and retired to a WotLK arena tournament realm for some fun, during this time i had to upgrade my computers software and so the clips i had needed to be rendered and when you copy a video of a video the clip doesnt come out as clear but it is still good(if you didnt already know that).
I returned, transfered for a change in scenery and people currently reside on Arthas. Keep in mind that i do see maybe some mistakes in editing but im so lazy i cba to go back and
rerender etc and they arent huge nonetheless... :)

What NOT to expect:


Tracklist is at the end.
If you dont like the music just mute it and put on your own since
It's impossible for me to satisfy everyones music taste.
I try to pick from a very broad range in hopes that most people like.

Any comments compliments or questions ill do my best to answer or get around too, it is always greatly appreciated and with that I hope you enjoy!
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