Viralz (Navoz) Short by Viralz
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kil'Jaeden ( Bloodlust )
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Hey everyone
I recently changed my name to Viralz and transfered to Kil Jaeden - US playing in imho one of the greatest world pvp servers, or what little is left of them, with some new friends. As far as the future goes i would like to try MoP however am not sure if i will continue to make videos there depending on if i like it or not. Lately i found it difficult to want to make videos or play wow due to the fact that the amount of annoying and boring arena videos that have flooded WCM outshine every other person's and the unbelievably crap noise that everyone calls dub step, makes for a huge change in what a lot of older players use to enjoy or produce themselves. I find myself seeing fewer and fewer videos less related and dedicated to solo world and bg pvp that it eventually becomes discouraging to want to continue myself despite this i still like to give praise to great players i know like Anarchies and Evolas who still make some smaller edits from time to time when they are bored and I truly appreciate them along with others who produce similar content but recieve little attention, I could go on but i cba and don't care anymore tbh....

This is a short edit that has been sitting on my desktop for a few weeks and i finally mustered up the will to finish it :D:D:D:D:D some clips are during patch 4.2(Arthas - US) however most are 4.3 (Kil Jaeden - US) playing only fire. My pc is dying and is in the process of being replaced so please forgive the 480p quality i hope you will still find it enjoyable cba to rerender and upload for a casual project

*EDIT: I recommend using the youtube mirror in 720HD*

Track: Sybreed - Challenger

This movie is for entertainment purposes only also if you dont like the music just mute it and put on your own since It's impossible for me to satisfy everyones music taste and if you don't like mages or UD w/e your issue you don't have to watch this and can leave.

That being said enjoy the movie, however no one will probably read this or the description and post dumb comments so whatever and if you did read this your that 1% of society :)
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