Argus and The Order of Fire (first TEASER) by Zepi Productions
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This is a TEASER (not a real trailer) of an upcoming World Of Warcraft machinima story. This teaser is basically a few scenes from, that we cut (edited) together, but in this teaser trailer we have NOT added any effects or such that may improve the quality of the original movie. So don't underestimate the original movie. But be sure we will release a full trailer of this movie soon enough, but bare with us!

This movie is set in a period short after the fall of Deathwing.
The Archmage Argus is silently preforming some advanced spells of future seeing, when he suddenly sees the end of Azeroth yet again. Only this time it is not deathwing or the lich king returning from the grave, but a secret order, that was once a part of the great Burning Legion. Since the fall of the Burning Legion, those that remained loyal to the cause, have created a new order and named themselfs " The Order of Fire", under the command of an Evil Lord. The Order of Fire still loyal to the couse of the original Burning Legion are now sworn enemies of all Azeroth, yet nobody really knows the existance of them, except our friend Argus. Argus sets out on a long journey that will take him beyond time and space to stop The Order of Fire, but will he succeed on this mission?


We are also recruiting people who like to be a part of our little machinima team. Send me a message!

Thanks for watching this Teaser, and we hope that you will enjoy the original series on release! We also appreciate ANY feedback on watever you feel like telling us, so please feel free to post a comment, we read all comments(for the moment atleast...)! :)

///Zepi-Zomgas Productions
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