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Argus and The Order of Fire (first TEASER)
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This is a TEASER (not a real trailer) of an upcomi...

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Hello! We are 3man team working with World of Warcraft machinima on Frostmane(EU), been playing since Vanilla, but decided to start with machinima last year(2011). We are a team that are aiming high, and our goal is to become as good as we can, and learn from our mistakes and learn from our other fellow producers. We take our work seriously, and accept all feedback that we can get! Currently we are working on a mini series of 3 episodes, the series is called "Argus and The Order of Fire". You can learn more about this project on youtube.com/zomgas, in the video description for our Teaser video for the movie. We are also recruting more members to our little team, and we will review all requests to join. If you would like to apply to the team, feel free to send us an email to: [email protected] In the email include: Your name, Server(if you play that is), age, and also what you can offer(what your skills are, music mixing, video editing, effects and such), and the reason WHY you would like to join. >Currently we are look for voice actors!!!< Feel free to send feeback,questions etc... with the WM-mail system, we do not read feedback,questions that is sent to our email, we only read the such mails on WM. CONTACT: 1. Here on Warcraft Movies 2. Youtube: youtube.com/zomgas 3. Email: [email protected] 4. INGAME on Frostmane (EU) server ALLIANCE, send an ingame mail or whisper if online to ZEPI, the rest of the crew are not available for ingame chatting.

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Zepi Productions released a new movie Argus and The Order of Fire (f...
This is a TEASER (not a real trailer) of an upcoming World O...
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