(Remastered) AC/DC TNT: World of warcraft AV/AB PVP Song by Vikanug
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Hey YouTube I hope that you are all well.

So yea I'm updating all of my videos and I will be uploading them on this channel (Vikanug) and will be getting rid of all my other channels apart from one and I will be having all of my old un-mastered versions of my videos on that channel.

The titles and credits music that credit goes to khalreblic23 if you wish to see her channel you can do so here at


And the name of the song used for the titles and credits is.

''God Knows をエレクトーンで弾いてみました。''

And if you wish to check that out you can do at.


The video itself of footage from World of Warcraft was made by a guy called Hybrid panda and if you guys want to check out his channel you can do so at.


And if you want to check out the original video of his you can do so at.


I hope you all like the new look I have gone for since I'm a gamer pure at heart.

So yea I made the song and lyrics myself and this is the re-mastered from the original video I did a few years back which I will be re-uploading again soon.

So I hope you all enjoy and I hope my singing has improved... Not that it matters because it is a parody song :)

If you want to check out the original video you can do so at.

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