World Of Warcraft Is A Feeling - Remix Music Video - Old Video Footage by Vikanug
Class: Paladin | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Bronzebeard ( Reckoning )
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This is a video I made many many years ago before I payed any attention to my YouTube channel.

So I will say sorry now since it is not in HD or widescreen.

I saved all of the videos I took down when I remade my YouTube on to my computer.

But due to it messing up I lost a lot of old videos.

And then as luck would have it I found a disc that had most of my old lost video footage on it.

I plan to make a remastered version of this video at some point in the future.

The music belongs to the pure pwnage team.

If you want to check out there website you can do so at.

They make fantastic music and they also made a epic online web series about video gamers.

Normally they make a music video for there songs and this is true with the original version of "World Of Warcraft Is A Feeling" but not with the remix version.

So is decided to make a fan made music video using the World Of Warcraft model viewer and Fraps.

If you wish to check out the original World Of Warcraft Is A Feeling music video you can do so at.

Also if you want to check out the lyrics and download the MP3 for the original version of this song you can do so at.
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