Lunius-Secrets,easter eggs and refferences part 1 by Lunius Nightwhisper
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Check my you tube channel,please... Lunius Nightwhisper
I've decided to make another video in wow.Since i've been in the game from 2007,I did quite alot of exploring and researching everything.I came up with some awesome stuff,creepy,fun,cool,wierd...I've decided to share these awesome things with those of you who didn't have the chance or knowledge to see them!Enjoy the video! Best regards,Lunius.

Soundtracks: Tantrum Desire:Reach Sigma-Summer Calling

I do not own any of the copyrights of these soundtracks.All copyrights go to Tantrum Desire and Sigma for making these songs.

My Xmog:Full bloodfang set,blood knight war cloak,no tabard,Gutgore reaper daggers

I've also introduced my Warlock and Hunter in this video...Hunter used to be my main for 6 years...Next video im making is Rogue assa PvP.I've also listened to some of you guys coments and advices,changed some rogue setups.

Sprite darter event :
Arthas(The Lich King)'s mount:
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