Lunius-The Project Beyond by Lunius Nightwhisper
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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So I decided to make another video.... As assasination spec,I've also listened to some of your advices when it comes to editing,filming and gameplay. This video isn't the best,but I think i've improoved alot since my last PvP video(Because only PvP vids I make actually require skill,good editing and filming...)...I think I've really improved in rogue class and the videomaking itself.Thank you for the advices last time!! I'll do my best for the next video to be even better...For my next video ill be moving on to some other,better program for editing.This was all made on Windows Movie maker.Hopefully my next video will be even better.Please share,gimme negative and positive feedbacks.Thank you very much!!The 1v2 was not made to show some pro skills.It was to make the video more if you had fun watching it my goal was achieved.Ill also do my best to take your coments and improve in my next video...Ill be using sony vegas pro aswell.!

Please please,check my you tube channel aswell! Cheers.Gimme feedback on the vid
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